Room Sharing During ABC's of Sleep

For the first 14 nights while implementing “The ABC’s of Sleep,” we ask that you give your baby his/her own space. We see the success rate of this program sky rocket when parents are NOT in the same room… but just for the 14 nights. After those 14 nights, if you’d like to resume room sharing, you definitely can!

To learn more about room sharing, the AAP recommendations, and how room sharing impacts sleep, please read our blog post on room sharing. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make during and after the program.

"But what if we only have a one bedroom home?"

If you only have one bedroom, please keep the baby in the bedroom while you move to the living room at bedtime. We know this is very inconvenient. Remember, it is just for 14 nights. Once your baby is sleeping well, you can move back into the bedroom.

If this just isn't a possibility at all, we suggest that you set up some sort of barrier in your room to create as much distance as possible between your baby and yourself. We have a great video showing one way to do this. The video is designed for traveling, but the same strategy can work at home. Babies are simply so aware of our presence.

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