Tips for Overseas/International Travel

Traveling internationally is tough. The time change is HUGE. Please remember that adults even struggle with this. Please set realistic expectations. Check out our blog on Oh Baby, Let’s Travel! Eight Tips for Traveling with an Infant first.

Here are some tips in addition to the ones in that blog:

  • Encourage lots of physical activity while awake. Get out of the stroller and be active.
  • Get in the sunlight whenever possible. This helps all of your bodies to adjust to local time.
  • Expect your baby to be awake at night for the first few days/nights. It’s normal. You will be too. Keep the lights/tv/phone to a minimum.
  • Try to push those wake windows a bit. Your baby may be cranky. Do your best to aim for a “normal” bedtime for the area. This is when darkness (dimmed lights) for 15-20 minutes before bedtime is a good thing.
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime routine prior to bed. ( for example: bath, singing, feeding, book, bed)
  • Have lots of fun and try to let go of perfection!

When you get home, expect that your baby will be off for 5-7 nights. It’s okay. You probably will be too. The great thing about the ABC's of Sleep class is it gives you a plan to follow. After this 5-7 night adjustment, just implement your ABC's plan again.

The trip will be so worth any sleep disruptions. Try not to let it worry you. Go and make memories. 

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