Baby Cries When Entering Nursery

This can be so hard! It really tugs on those heartstrings and makes goodnight so hard to handle.

Some of the tears at bedtime can be personality, but some of them can just be associations with the nursery. Your little one is actually recognizing bedtime and that's a good thing! Check out this Instagram post we did about this exact struggle.

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Does your little one cry the moment you take her into the nursery? I know this is heartbreaking, but it actually shows something really important: your baby recognizes a sleep association you've created! But how can we turn it into a positive experience??? - Think of it from your child's perspective: "Playtime fun happens out in the family room, bath time and bubble parties happen in the bathroom, snuggle sessions happen in Mama's bedroom, but my room is for boring S L E E P. Sleep isn't fun. I want to be out there with my family." Yes, even little ones have FOMO. 😂🤦🏼♀️ - Show her that her room is great too. During the daytime when sleep is NOT your goal, have F U N in the nursery with the lights on, curtains open, and sound machine off. Bring in toys and play together on her floor. Turn on music and have a dance party. Let her pull up and walk along the outside of the crib. Open her bottom drawer and let her rearrange everything inside (yes, it's a mess, but so much FUN!). Just make sure that while you're partying in her room, the crib stays reserved for sleeping! (It's a sleep cue you want to save for bedtime/nap time.) - Transitioning the nursery from a negative association to a positive one will take time and intentionality, but soon... it may be her favorite room in the house. - If #teamnosleep is in full force at your house, click the link in my bio. We're here to help! - What are some ways that you've made the nursery a special and positive place? Share with us! - Thank you @caitlinclairexo for this photo of your sweetie loving her beautiful nursery!

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