Short Nap Struggles (5-24 months)

Our best resource for those short nap struggles is our blog post 10 Questions to Ask if Your Little One is Struggling with Short Naps.

We also have a helpful blog post with Nap Schedules: for 5 Months to 25 Months.

Please remember this too: Babies learn the first nap of the day first, then the second, and finally the third. (Do you notice that naps get more difficult as the day progresses? This is normal.) The wake window in the morning is usually the shortest and as the day goes the wake windows usually get a bit longer.

Remember, wake windows are so important in achieving a great nap. If they are too long, this will cause meltdowns and short naps. If they are too short, this also will cause short naps.

Be sure to watch this video about your little one's "Tired Tank" and rest at the breast/bottle:

For finding that perfect wake window and establishing a successful daytime routine, check out our blog on Nap Schedules: for 5 Months to 25 Months.

Perhaps dropping a nap is the answer? Here's a blog on How to Drop a Nap.

Not sure if it's time to drop a nap? We have a blog on Signs It’s Time to Drop a Nap.

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