In-Home Consultations

We do not offer home visits. Instead we like to give parents the tools to have a good sleeper. Cara used to provide overnight assistance and in-home visits. She found that she could help get the baby sleeping, but anytime a sleep bump happened down the road, parents didn't know how to "fix" the issue. Now Cara teaches YOU how to create and maintain a great little sleeper. She wants YOU to become the expert for you baby's sleep. 

It is our goal to teach you, as the parents, how to help your little one sleep better now and for years to come. Yes, we will teach you how to customize a plan specifically for your baby that is helpful now and for the months/years ahead.

What we can recommend for you is our sleep training class for babies 5 to 24 months called ABC’s of Sleep. This class is an online video course with a reference guide and support options. If you feel like you're going to struggle with consistency or may need more support along the way, I encourage you to check out our packages that include personalized, one-on-one phone consult(s).

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