Nightlights can be so helpful for older kiddos who become afraid in the dark. However, for babies under age 2 don't need them at all. In fact, light stimulates the brain and can prevent good sleep. 

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True or False? My baby should have a nightlight while sleeping to keep him from getting scared. - False! Little ones don't fear the dark until they start developing an imagination. (This typically happens after age 2.) That means: there's no monster under the bed or creature in the closet. Nightlights aren't necessary when babies don't understand any reason to be afraid! - For babies, light stimulates the brain and turns off the sleepy hormone, melatonin. 😱 So....when it's time for sleep: turn off those nightlights! - But...can a nightlight ever be appropriate? Yes! 💡As you prepare your baby for sleep during your bedtime routine, lowering the lights and using a nightlight is a perfect way to decrease stimulation! 💡Keeping the overhead lights off and using a nightlight during night-time feedings can also help your baby learn that nighttime is for sleeping. - Other things that give off light can be covered too. For example, your humidifier, monitor, or sound machine may have a light. Feel free to put a piece of duct tape over it or even use dark nail polish. - Is there other light sneaking into your baby's room? Check out my highlighted story "Practical Tips" for ideas to block out the natural light that can keep your baby from sleeping well. - Worried about your baby depending on "cave like" conditions to sleep well? Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. - Do you have other light-blocking hacks? What difference did you see when you started keeping the nursery completely dark?

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