Traveling and Baby Sleep

For tips on preparing for baby sleep once you arrive, check out our blog called Oh Baby, Let’s Travel! Eight Tips for Traveling with an Infant.

For the actual process of traveling, there aren't any perfect answers. However, here are a few things to consider as you plan a drive or flight: 

  • If your baby naps well in the car, it may work best to start your drive just before nap time... But perhaps having a well-rested baby is the best way to start your drive and then a nap will naturally happen toward the end of the drive. 
  • Driving all night long may give you a rested baby... and two overtired parents. But then again it’s possible that two overtired parents is worth a well-rested baby.
  • Being able to stop every 1-2 hours while driving may help prevent a disaster situation that could happen on the plane... But the key could be just getting there as quickly as possible.
  • Consider packing a travel sound machine for your drive or flight, especially if you're hoping your baby will
  • If your baby doesn't nap well in your lap, maybe it’s best to fly after a good nap at home... But maybe the sound of the airplane will lull him to sleep.
  • For flights, nursing or offering a bottle during take-off and landing can be so helpful to a baby's ears.

After working with many families, we've truly found that a perfect solution for one child may be an absolutely wrong choice for the next child. Additionally, what worked 4 months ago for a baby may cause an absolute meltdown today. So make the best decisions you can, hope for the best, and remember: Sleep is only one piece of your trip.

If you are traveling internationally, check out Traveling Internationally with Younger Babies (for babies under 5 months) and Traveling Internationally with Babies (for babies 5 months and older).


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