Baby Hates the Swaddle

Many babies will scream and fight the swaddle initially. Helping a baby settle in the swaddle (and learn to love being swaddled) is part of Tip 1 in the Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn class. 

You won't believe this: When Cara teaches the class live, she asks parents to raise their hands if baby hates to be swaddled. In each and every class, about 8 out of every 10 hands go up! Most parents truly believe their baby hates to be swaddled. By the time the class is over, Cara demonstrates how to turn these swaddle haters into swaddle lovers. Parents are absolutely amazed.

In the Will I Ever Sleep Again? class, Cara will explain why it appears that your baby hates the swaddle, how to help your little one love the swaddle, and even show you why these strategies work so well for babies in the newborn stage.

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