Developmental Leaps / Wonder Weeks

Sleep can be a bit wonky during leaps, developmental strides, and regressions, but the answer to helping a little one sleep well during this time is: CONSISTENCY!

The more consistent you are during these rough patches, the faster your baby will move through this tough time. If you start adding in new sleep habits or crutches, it can prolong this difficult time and make sleep rough for weeks and months instead of just a few days. 

If physical strides are happening: pulling up, rolling over, crawling, or walking, please get lots of practice during awake times so your little one is less likely to want to practice during sleep time. 

If you have Will I Ever Sleep Again?, Navigating Months 3 & 4, or ABC's of Sleep, please keep following the plan laid out for you if your baby is still in that age range. If you are struggling, please know a phone consult can be added on to any package for one-on-one support. 

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