Sick Baby

Sleep is good medicine for a sick baby. Understand that sleep will be disrupted when little ones are ill. Actually, sick babies sleep more overall, but they often wake up more frequently during naps and nighttime.

Some common questions:

Do I stop sleep training if my baby is sick? YES! When babies are sick, it's not time to "learn a new skill." It's time to help them feel better. I know this can be so tough if you are in the middle of sleep training. We must get your baby well first, and then we can work on sleep.

What about if baby has a cold, do I continue sleep training? This is tough. There's a gray area because there's a big difference in severity of symptoms and what everyone refers to as a "cold." Please trust your gut and feel free to visit the doctor for a quick check and to get his/her opinion.

When can I resume sleep training after my baby has been sick? When your baby is 110% well, and your doctor gives you the green light.

Can I allow my baby sleep longer during the day if he/she is sick? Yes, but I would strongly suggest waking baby after about 3 hours to keep caloric intake and hydration balanced. Even if baby is only awake in the light long enough to eat, have a quick diaper change, and go back to sleep, this can be okay. 

For more on how to help your little one through sickness, check out our blog on Sleep and Sickness.

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