Moving to a New Home

Moving can be such a stressful time for the whole family, but with a little preparation and lots of consistency, your baby will likely transition more easily than you will.

Here are some tips to help ease the transition and set you up for success: 

  1. Make your baby's crib the last thing to be packed in the old house and the first thing to be unpacked in your new home. 
  2. Use familiar tools in the new, unfamiliar bedroom. Use the same crib sheet, the same lovey, the same sound machine, and the same very dark environment. (Paper blackout shades are so handy when moving!) 
  3. Maintain your normal routine. Do the same exact routine in the same exact order that you did in your old home. This cues your baby's brain that sleep is coming even when the environment has changed. 
  4. Be consistent. Don't start any new habits in the new house that you aren't willing to maintain. 
  5. For time zone changes, check out our travel and daylight saving (Fall Back and Spring Forward) blogs for tips on how to help your little one adjust to the different time. 
  6. Take solace knowing that in a dark environment, your new home will feel the same to your baby! Most little ones will exceed our expectations!

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