CRIES Doesn't Help My Baby

The whole goal of CRIES is to calm a fussy baby or help your baby stop crying in the swaddle, so if your baby isn’t crying when swaddled, you don’t need to do CRIES. In fact, if your little one is calm after being swaddled, CRIES may be overstimulating. Try just laying your baby down instead. If your little one begins to cry, follow the steps in Tip 7 of Will I Ever Sleep Again?.

Perhaps, you need to consider a different position. Remember, the goal of rolling your baby is to allow your baby to be away from faces and stimulation of interaction. That means, that you can also turn your baby towards your chest or put your baby up over your shoulder. 

If your little one is seldom calm when you implement CRIES or when you lay him down, please read this article.

If you are confident that your little one has no physical need and you're still struggling with CRIES, feel free to send us a short video of you implementing CRIES so we can help determine what might be amiss.

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