Temperature in Baby's Nursery

I often get asked about the temperature in babies' nurseries and how to know if your baby is too hot or too cold. Would you reach down and touch your feet? Are they cool? Mine are, but I'm actually really comfortable. I'm not reaching for a blanket or socks. Did you know that your baby can also have cool fingers and toes and be perfectly content as well?

We hear from so many who want to know the magical temperature or the perfect clothing for baby to wear while sleeping. We know that overheating isn't safe, and cold babies aren't comfortable.

Some literature says 68-72 degrees is the perfect temperature for babies. However, what I know is that in different climates, 68-72 isn't always possible or ideal.

In the Arizona summer, my thermostat is rarely below 78 degrees. It works for us!

So ask yourself: Am I comfortable with the temperature? What am I wearing? If your baby's layers match your layers, she's probably comfortable too! If you're wearing a T-shirt under a comforter to sleep, your baby should be very comfortable in a onesie and a swaddle. If you're wearing cozy pajamas under flannel sheets and a quilt, your baby should be comfy in a onesie, footie pajamas, and a sleep sack.

Still not confident? Look at your baby. Is he flushed or sweaty? If so, remove a layer! Put short sleeves on instead of long sleeves. Feel your baby's chest, back, and tummy. Does she feel cold? If so, add a layer! It's that easy!

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