Teething Pain and Sleep

Did you know that research shows that teething does NOT actually cause night wakings? However, teething DOES make it harder for little ones to put themselves BACK to sleep when they naturally awaken in the night.

See that sweet bulging gum line with a white nub?

The 48 to 72 hours before the tooth breaks through the surface, when the gums look like this, are truly the most painful part of the teething process. Once that tooth breaks through the surface, most pain or discomfort goes away. That means teething could be responsible for 2 to 3 rough nights, but not weeks or months of terrible sleep.

Now, babies do handle teething differently. Some do struggle more than others. Those babies who struggle may benefit from a dose of Motrin before bed for 2 to 3 nights. You can also wake your baby to administer another dose 6 hours later to keep the pain at bay. (Motrin often works better than Tylenol for teething pain, but baby has to be 6 months old! Ask your doctor about any medication decisions.)

If nights continue to be rough after teething, know that  ABC's of Sleep is here for you when you need it!

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