Sudden Struggles with a Previously Good Sleeper

When things seem to suddenly fall apart drastically, we always want to check physical concerns first. Sometimes the only sign of an ear infection is sleep disruption. Check out this Instagram post:

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True or False?? 🤷🏼♀️ For a baby, interrupted sleep can be the ONLY symptom of an ear infection. - TRUE!!! 😳 Even if a baby seems perfectly fine during the day, NEW and SUDDEN interrupted sleep may be a result of an ear infection! ➡️Why? Because ear pain can get exponentially worse when a baby is lying down flat because of the increased pressure on the eardrum. - Other signs you might not be looking for that can also be a sign of an ear infection: ✅ runny nose (even clear drainage) ✅ eye drainage (goopy or even just watery ) - An amazing benefit of having a great sleeper: You know “off nights” can actually mean something is up. The only way to know for sure is to visit the doctor. - *️⃣Important: A rough night doesn’t always mean your baby has an ear infection. Just know that if your nights are all of a sudden rough, it can be an important prompt to explore the idea! - Is sleep so rough you wouldn’t even notice a difference in your nights if a new sleep disruption occurred?? We have the solution to help your baby sleep!! (Link in bio to classes) - Also, THIS: A sick baby tugs on that mama heart like nothing else. And guess what? That instinct is 100% right because sick babies NEED us. Want to learn more about sick babies and sleep? Check out the blog “Baby Sleep and Sick Season.” - Has this happened to you? Your only clue of an ear infection was nights suddenly going from great to off? What other tips or products have you used to help your sick baby be comfortable and feel loved? - 📷 of a healthy, happy baby by @arlynnjayne

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Please consider checking with your pediatrician to rule out ear infection or other physical concerns. If a doctor rules out physical concerns, consider:

  1. Does your daytime schedule need to be adjusted? Perhaps it's time to drop a nap.
  2. Does your little one's sleep environment need to be tweaked?
  3. Is it time for a new resource? (For babies 3-4 months, check out Navigating Months 3 & 4. For babies over 5 months, consider ABC's of Sleep.)

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