Baby Is Never Calm When Laid Down

Have you taken the Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn class? This class will teach you strategies to calm your fussy baby, read your baby's cues, and set your days and nights up for success. Many babies described as fussy or colicky see great improvement after the tips from this class are implemented.

When babies don't EVER really allow us to put them down, even after being calmed by the soothing strategies from the  Will I Ever Sleep Again? class, there's usually a physical reason. So if this is what you're seeing, consider a physical cause. 

We find that the top 3 physical reasons for us to see this are: 

  1. Over-tiredness: Make sure that you are really watching sleepy cues and wake windows. Rewatch tip 2 in your Will I Ever Sleep Again? class videos as well as the "Troubleshooting Checklist" for more about this. Also, the bonus video called "Short Naps" (found between tip 6 and 7 can be helpful).
  2. Hunger: We really recommend that you offer feedings every 2.5-3 hours throughout the daytime to ensure good caloric intake and full feedings. If you feel like you're doing this and your little one may not be getting good feedings, consider increasing ounces offered or renting a scale to weigh your baby before and after feeds for nursing. Again, tip 2 from your Will I Ever Sleep Again? class has more about this. If you suspect that your little one is snacking instead of taking full feedings, check out this great Instagram post:
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    As a new mama, when my baby cried, I lived by this motto: “When in doubt, whip it out.” I fed Ella at every whimper. She would pop on, snack a bit, and pop off. We were in a constant state of nursing every hour... night and day. She was always SNACKING instead of getting full FEEDINGS! Can anyone relate?🙋🏾♀️🙋🏻♀️🙋🏼♀️ - Wanna know why it’s so important for your baby to get full feedings? ➡️When nursing, full feedings help babies get foremilk and that important hind milk. This perfect balance of protein and fat is vital for proper growth and development. ➡️Also for nursing mamas, it helps maintain your milk supply. More milk removed = more milk production! ➡️For bottle fed babies, it helps us respond to hunger needs appropriately instead of assuming every cry is a hunger cry. ➡️ It leads to a baby who is content between feedings. ➡️ It allows babies to get adequate calories and have consolidated sleep. - ⮑This is NOT about demanding your baby follow a rigid clock schedule. #FlexibleRoutineNotRigidSchedule ⮑This is NOT saying that you can't feed your hungry baby. You absolutely can and should! ⮑This is NOT saying cluster feeds are bad. They are common and normal especially in the later afternoon/evening. ⮑This IS saying to always help your baby get that vital full feeding. - What’s a mama to do with a little one in a constant SNACKING CYCLE? 👉🏼Try waiting 15-30 mins before offering a feeding. (Sometimes, he won't be hungry enough to eat well if he just ate 45 mins ago.) 👉🏼 If you're bottle feeding and struggling to get more than an ounce or two, try going up on nipple size. 👉🏼 Help your baby stay awake and minimize distractions while feeding. 👉🏼 Need help differentiating baby’s hunger and sleepy cues? Want to know ways to calm a fussy baby when hunger isn’t involved? The 👉🏼 newborn class 👈🏼 is your answer! (Link in bio) - Baby falling asleep during every feed? +change his diaper +sit her up and burp her +take his clothes off mid feeding +lay her down (away from your body) +rub a damp wash cloth across her face Feeding and sleep are so interrelated! 🤱🏼😴 Need sleep help? We have online classes! Feeding help? See your lactation consultant/peds

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  4. Physical pain or discomfort: If the other 2 don't seem to apply, you may want to take your little one to the pediatrician just to double check any physical concerns. If you suspect reflux concerns, check out our blog on Reflux and Baby Sleep.

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