Night Sleep Fell Apart After the Newborn Stage

In the newborn stage, you can feed or rock to sleep, and some babies will still have long stretches of sleep. Starting somewhere between 3 and 5 months, the sleep cycles begin to mimic adult sleep cycles. We all wake up briefly between sleep cycles. If your baby doesn’t know how to fall asleep independently, you will need to rock or feed your little one to sleep again. Tip 5 from your Will I Ever Sleep Again? class covers how to work on this skill.

We also want encourage little ones to transition more and more independently between sleep cycles. This is Tip 7 in your Will I Ever Sleep Again? class.
You may also want to consider our Navigating Months 3 & 4 eBook for additional help. This guide provides hands on help through this transitional phase of the 3-4 months. The methods are more gentle than official “sleep training” but require time and practice helping your baby learn to fall asleep independently, be able to go back to sleep independently and transition away from tools that were so helpful during the newborn phase. This guide will give you basic tips for nighttime and daytime for your little one. The goal of this guide is to get your baby to a point where they can fall asleep more independently at bedtime and start to fall back to sleep more independently throughout the night.
For additional help during this time, I encourage you to check out this blog talking all about the Four-Month Sleep Regression.

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