Short Nap Struggles (0-12 weeks)

Short nap struggles are so common in the newborn stage.

Read the Instagram post below for more information about what "normal" naps can look like during the newborn stage and how you can help your little one nap a bit better.

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Short Naps! 😬😬😬 If you have a little one, 4 months or younger, and naps are a bit of a struggle- you are not alone! - I’d like to share some quick science🔬 to help you: 👉🏻It is normal for naps at this age to last 20-120 minutes. 👉🏻For many babies, naps BEGIN to consolidate and lengthen at about 5 months of age. 👉🏻Naps tend to develop separately. The first nap usually gets longer and more consistent FIRST, then the second nap, and finally the rest. - Cara- Are you telling me I can’t do ANYTHING about short naps with my young baby? 😱😱😱 No!!! Here are some great tricks to help your little nap a bit better: 1️⃣. If your baby wakes after a short nap, try replacing her pacifier, picking her up, or rocking her back to sleep. Try this for 5-15 min, and if she won’t go back to sleep, just let that nap go. 2️⃣. Know that holding, rocking, or babywearing can be so helpful. Some teeny ones do nap better like this. 3️⃣. Practice the first nap of the day in the crib. Any length of nap counts as a win! 4️⃣. If you need to be out and about, naps can happen in the car seat. An occasional nap in the swing or rock n play can help too. 5️⃣. Put your focus on helping your baby learn to fall asleep independently at bedtime and get longer stretches of night sleep. (This is taught in the newborn class- Tips 5 and 7= !) Link in bio 6️⃣. Let go of the idea that you are creating a crutch. You are meeting your baby where she is developmentally. It won’t always be like this. Longer naps will come later. Stressing about naps at this age only steals your joy! - Be sure to check out the blog post "Short Naps and Newborns" to see flexible, real-life schedules with short naps. - Have a baby over 5 months and still struggling? I have a blog post for you! “Ten Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Little One Takes Short Naps” - Which tips are you willing to try? Which ones have been helpful? - 📷 by @ginasphotos320

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For even more great info on how naps work with your baby and how to help, check out our blog post called Short Naps and Newborns. You may also want to revisit the "Bonus: Short Naps" video in your Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn class as Cara dives in deep to teach you all about naps during the newborn stage.

If you haven't yet taken the Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn course, that's a great place to start! Cara will teach you how to calm a fussy baby, read your baby's cues, and set your days and nights up for success.

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