"Will I Ever Sleep Again?" Newborn Class Basics

Will I Ever Sleep Again? is the #1 Prenatal/Newborn Sleep Class in the world.

This class is intended for expectant parents and for parents with babies 12 weeks and younger. Cara — neonatal nurse, mom of four, and baby sleep expert — will teach you how to calm a fussy baby, read sleepy cues, and set your days and NIGHTS up for success.

Will I Ever Sleep Again? has NO CRYING involved. It is breast and bottle feeding friendly. This is NOT sleep training, but rather setting up healthy habits from the beginning. Lots of hugs, snuggles, rocking, and baby wearing are included! No rigid schedules are required.

Our goal is for you to LOVE the newborn stage.

Because this is a gentle method designed to help you lay the foundational skills of sleep, progress takes practice and patience. We want to meet your baby right where he or she is developmentally. Some babies will be sleeping 8-10 hours by 3 months and others may do considerably less. The goal is simply to lay a strong sleep foundation and allow each baby to progress at his/her own pace.

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