Fighting Naps and/or Bedtime 10-15 weeks

Somewhere around 10 weeks to 3 months, parents may notice that a baby suddenly is resisting naps and/or bedtime. The reason: It's time to begin stretching those wake windows just a bit. This will actually help your baby nap better and not fight naps so much.

During the newborn stage, we want to make sure we get babies down right when they show sleepy cues. As they get older, we need just a bit more awake time so we can fill up their "tired tank," which usually helps them take a little longer nap. When you start to see sleepy cues, try to keep him or her awake just a few minutes longer (just 5-15 minutes).

Watch Cara talk about the tired tank in these highlighted stories.

Check out the "Look at Your Future" download in the Will I Ever Sleep Again? newborn class or page 30 in your Navigating Months 3 & 4 eBook for more on this!

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