Baby is 3-4 months: Which Class/Course?

We recommend our 50-page eBook called, Navigating Months 3 & 4. This guide and its short coaching videos provide hands-on help through this tricky, transitional phase. This will help you to make progress on your sleep journey.

No, you don't need to take the newborn class prior to having this resource, but if your baby is 12 weeks or younger, we highly recommend it.

The goal of Navigating Months 3 & 4 is not sleep perfection — sleep training is not developmentally appropriate at this age. Instead, the goal is to help set up a daytime routine and sleep environment that supports sleep and to work on the skill of falling asleep independently and going back to sleep more independently at night. It will help you move in a positive direction now, instead of waiting until sleep training at 5 months before you see progress. Check out this highlighted story to hear Cara talk about how the different classes work.

For additional help during this time, check out our blog on the Four Month Sleep Regression.

Is your baby 4.5 months old? Read this help article.

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