Baby is 12 weeks or younger: Which class/course?

For babies 12 weeks and younger, we recommend the newborn class, Will I Ever Sleep Again?. This no-cry class will help you calm a fussy baby, read sleepy cues, set your days and nights up for success, and love the newborn stage. If your little one is younger than 12 weeks, we definitely recommend the newborn class! Yes, even if your baby 10-12 weeks old, this is the class for you!

When you reach week 13, the additional information from our eBook, Navigating Months 3 & 4 will help guide you through the tricky four month sleep regression. This e-book, with supplemental videos, will help build upon the foundation you learned in the newborn class and will help you make progress through this tough developmental stage.

We believe that there's a huge benefit to having both resources, so we have a bundle option called First Five Months Bundle. This bundle includes both resources for 10% off.

Check out this highlighted story to hear Cara talk about how the different classes work.

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