Baby is 4.5 months: Which Class/Course?

We lean toward recommending  The ABC's of Sleep so that you can use the next few weeks to watch the course and prepare for formal sleep training right when your sweet kiddo reaches 5 months. If you prefer a more gentle approach or are uncomfortable with formal sleep training that involves some protest crying, Navigating Months 3 & 4 will be a wonderful resource for you to slowly work toward more independent sleep. 

Let us share a bit more about the two options you have:

The ABC's of Sleep is a formal sleep training class with videos, a booklet, and support options. This method involves a 14-night specific plan to achieve 10-12 hours of independent crib sleep. It will cover bedtime, night wakings, night weaning, early morning wakings, and naps through the first two years of life through regressions, teething, illnesses, and any setbacks too. This formal sleep training does involve protest crying, but it also offers research-based tools to stay emotionally connected during the protest. 

Navigating Months 3 & 4 is a 50-page eBook with a few supplemental videos to help you provide hands-on help through the transitional phase of the 3-4 month age range. The methods in this book are more gentle but require time and practice helping your baby learn to fall asleep independently, be able to go back to sleep independently, and transition away from tools that were so helpful during the newborn phase. The goal with this eBook is to make baby steps toward having a better sleeper.

Check out this highlighted story to hear Cara talk about how the different classes work. You are the parent, and you are best qualified to decide what works best for you and your baby. 

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