ABC's of Sleep vs Other Sleep Training Methods

While some elements of our program can be similar to others out there, we have created a holistic approach to sleep training. The ABC's of Sleep course lays out clear plans not only for night wakings, but also for setting up a conducive sleep environment and bedtime routine, customizing a weaning plan that works for your baby, and a daytime sleep routine that is flexible and not rigid. All of our methods are evidence based and clear, balancing the heart of a mama with the medical science of sleep.

There are other sleep training methods available; however, many parents prefer a holistic and clear plan they know that they can trust.This step-by-step approach is what gives our program a 98% success rate. This is more than double the success rate of many other methods!

The ABC's of Sleep also allows you, as the parent, to choose the sleep training method that is best for you and your family. Cara will lay out one method in class, but will show you ways to alter it for your comfort level too. You can pick whichever method feels right for your baby.

Taking Cara Babies also offers the unique support of phone consults to help you with any issues that may arise if you're interested in more support along your way.

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