Sleep Training Right Before or After Vacation

Should you begin this program if you have a big trip planned in the near future? Hear our hearts with this one. We want complete success for you! If you start now and know that you can stay 100% consistent while you travel, it's okay! Please know there may be some minor setbacks as we all sleep a bit differently when we are away from home. That said, we don't want you worrying about consistency and stressing about sleep training if it will take away even a minute from enjoying your vacation.

Many times, waiting makes it easier. Ideally, a good 28 days of consistency at home gives your baby the best chance to really become an expert at all of their new sleep skills they will learn. (That doesn't mean 28 days of sleep training, simply that it takes humans 28 days to really set a habit. So while your little one's learning takes place during the 14 nights, the habit of sleeping this way really becomes solidified by day 28.)

It's up to you. Just think it through and trust your gut!

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