ABC's of Sleep vs "Cry It Out" methods

Our sleep training program gives you a step-by-step guide to follow to help your little one sleep 10 to 12 hours each night in his or her own crib.

We understand concerns about cry-it-out methods. We would never ask you to put your baby down for the night, shut the door, and walk away until morning. But, because there will be protest crying we give you a plan on how to handle the crying. Cara will teach you how to provide reassurance to your little one so that you ARE emotionally involved in the entire process. In fact, Cara will teach you a few different ways to customize reassurance and intervention for your own comfort level.

But we will not lie to you, in teaching your baby to fall asleep independently at bedtime and sleep through the night, there will be crying for babies 5 to 24 months. This is simply the only way that your baby can communicate frustration that the hard work of going to sleep is no longer your responsibility. Your little one isn't old enough to verbalize that with words, so instead, you'll see it shared in some tears. For many, sleep is tough now, so this is tough with a purpose in the end. 

To hear more about the ABC's of Sleep and crying, watch Cara talk about crying and her own journey of sleep training as she tells her story in the video below.

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